About us

LEA Spodnje Podravje

The aim of LEA Spodnje Podravje is to enhance the development of sustainable energy in the Spodnje Podravje region through the realization of projects, studies, documents. Furthermore, the Agency helps the municipalities to find out the financial instruments to realize projects and investments in the energy sector, it supervises the implementation of the projects and transfers sustainable energy technologies from EU universities, institutes, companies to the local level in order to find appropriate, sustainable and economically feasible measures to reduce the energy consumption, to increase the energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy.

A strong cooperation is established with other Slovenian Local Agencies, the Department of Environment and Local Planning and the Department of Economic Development. The Agency aims at influencing the public investments in direction of renewable energies sources and energy efficiency.

The Agency provides the following services:

  • supporting local authorities of Spodnje Podravje region in the field of energy;
  • audits of public buildings and SMEs;
  • technical assistance in projects, related to RES and RUE;
  • organization of training seminars, energy audit campaign on buildings and SMEs.
  • helping investors to select stakeholders and locations for the construction of renewable energy installations (biomass, biogas production, small hydro power stations, district heating system implementation, geothermal energy systems, photovoltaic etc.);
  • implementation of energy certificates of public buildings;
  • support and supervision in the construction of passive buildings and low energy public buildings;
  • renovation and implementation of Local Energy Concepts;
  • cooperation in EU energy network;
  • participation in EU projects;
  • energy management of public buildings;
  • training activities and transfer of knowledge in the energy field, especially to mayors, head of departments, managers, etc.