CSSC LAB Danube project

City Storage and Sector Coupling Lab


CSSC Lab will prepare the ground for accelerating the up-take of CSSC solutions by Danube region cities which is at very low level because of public authorities possess little knowledge and shy the risks of investment. To overcome this barrier, the CSSC Lab project will implement a capacity building programme for municipalities and demonstrate the viability of CSSC solutions for medium-sized and smaller cities in the Danube region.

CSSC Lab will:

1) elaborate model solution+assessment toolkit for typical urban CSSC use cases,

2) develop/pilot a capacity building programme for municipalities with local trainings, webinars and city coaching sessions,

3) establish four CSSC demo-centers in different partner regions (HR, AT, SI, BG) to demonstrate the feasibility and performance of different CSSC solutions and

4) set up an online CSSC Lab learning platform for sustainable knowledge transfer.

Duration: July 2020 – December 2022

ERDF: 1 584 534.47 €

IPA: 138 365.12 €

ENI: 45 817.97 €


LP North-West Croatia Regional Energy Agency, Croatia

  1. Zagreb County, Croatia
  2. ConPlusUltra, Austria
  3. Energie Kompass, Austria
  4. solar.one Immo GmbH & CoKG, Austria
  5. Local Energy Agency Spodnje Podravje, Slovenia
  6. Municipality of Destrnik, Slovenia
  7. Union of Bulgarian Black Sea Local Authorities, Bulgaria
  8. Alba Local Energy Agency, Romania
  9. AgEnDa, Czech Republic
  10. Old Town Borough of Bratislava, Slovakia
  11. Slovak University of Technology, Slovakia
  12. Lake Constance Foundation, Germany
  13. Energy Agency Regio Freiburg, Germany
  14. Sarajevo Economic Regional Development Agency, Bosnia & Herzegovina
  15. Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center Tehnopolis, Bosina & Herzegovina
  16. Cross-border Cooperation and European Integration Agency, Moldova
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