LEA Spodnje Podravje

Local energy concept (LEC) assess the opportunities and propose solutions for the energy supply of the local community, taking into account the long-term development of the local community in various fields and existing energy capacity. Local energy concept is designed to raise awareness of energy consumers, to prepare measures in the field of energy efficiency, and to introduce new energy solutions. It includes an analysis of the current situation in the field of energy use and energy supply. LEC examines the possibility of using local renewable energy sources, which increases the security of supply of heat and electricity in the local community. The proposed projects simultaneously bring the reduction of emissions and environmental pollution. Local energy concept includes an Action Plan (where projects are economically evaluated) and a schedule.

Local energy concept provides:

  • selection and setting the objectives of energy planning in local communities;
  • review of the previous situation regarding the use and supply of energy;
  • review of measures to effectively improve the energy situation and hence the state of the environment;
  • design and comparison of different alternatives and scenarios of possible developments;
  • elaboration of a proposal in the short and long-term energy policy;
  • monitoring, assessing and documenting of changes in the energy and environmental condition.

Energy planning